I started djing  almost 30 years ago when I was a student studying  my degree in photography.  Thats a recent photo by the way, I'm holding back the years! Anyway it was at college, where the catalyst began to grow for my passion to write music. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence had been released, scored by Ryuichi Sakamoto and it was the piano arrangement that had grabbed my attention and inspired to me to teach myself how to play the piano. I would try and find any opportunity  that was possible to  tinker away on a beaten up old upright in the student union bar. 

While I was still at college, Steve Reich, Nick Drake also appeared on my music journey and I always remember meeting a young man who had the most amazing jazz collection and is now actually the founder of Trunk records. He used to tease me with the most glorious mix tapes. I've still got one.  So in 1992, when I left college I just knew I had to find a way to  write music.  During this time I began to experiment mixing with different music genres. I didn't have the luxury of two turntables, just one  that was knackered and a tape player. I will always remember that day. On tape I had James Brown's Funky Drummer and on the turntable Freddie Hubbard.This was the moment that a particular memory came flooding back when I heard the strings sore from Freddie Hubbard over The Funky Drummer beat. The emotion it evoked in me was thrilling that I literally dragged my Mother from the kitchen to listen to this amazing discovery! She wasn't that excited.... Not deterred by the lack of my Mothers enthusiasm, I began to rummage through my brothers sound track collection which any self respecting sister would do and added it to my record collection and playlist when I was djing at different venues. Even though I was absent mindedly listening to this stuff when I was 10 years old, it was only when I was older I began to realise the connection and to where I am now. So a big thank you goes to my brother Gil who sadly passed away and my other music lover brother Patrick for introducing me to the wonderful world of soundtracks. Its clear that my work has been influenced by so many composers and writers such as John Barry, Burt Bacharach, Barbara Streisand, Lalo Schifrin, Alberto lglesias to Michael Nyman, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Nick Drake,John Adams the list does go on. Too many to mention and thats what I love about music.

My first release was on a compilation by the Bristol label  Cup of Tea with a track called Love Anybody in 1996 under the name Barcode. A writing collaboration with Dan Grigson (aka Grantby) and Steve Cracknell on guitar who is now a member of the Memory Band. Since then I carried on Djing, squeezing in my passion for all things orchestral on the playlist and worked hard developing and evolving my style, achieving successful commissions for fashion shows, short films and documentaries for tv.

Finally this year on Thursday 15th September I self released my debut solo cinematic album. Yippeee! So any support you can give the album. I would truly appreciate it.

If you would like to listen and buy the music go to the music and store page.